There's only four teams involved in football's top honours these days, so what's it like to win silverware every season? This is the blog of one football fan who decided to, fully and unconditionally, do the unthinkable and change the football team he supported to spend one season at the top... AND NOW HE'S DOING A SIMILAR THING FOR EURO 2008 WITH A MATE BECAUSE THE SEASON'S FINISHED AND THEY'RE BOTH BORED

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Richard [Visitor]
Spain surely? It was like watching Cesc put Arsenal through.

The Silly Season: yeah, that bit was pretty good too… but you've got to love Rustu, and they have no defence left – it would be huge if they beat the Germans

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davedan [Visitor]
I live on Green Lanes. There must be a Romanian there. There are pretty much everybody else. I'm also worried I'm objectifying human beings. I'm going to find a real live Romanian man/woman/child and demand they contact you because quite frankly, you need it.

On another note, me and my friend have decided to start following Barnet for a season due to my lack of football being so far away from Liverpool. We were discussing making a blog, inspired by those such as yours. Maybe a reverse silly season? Though my attention span isn't that great so I'll probably forget my password by October.

The Silly Season: Many thanks for the support for finding Romaians, but strangely my desire to meet a person of that nationality has faded now.

Yes, definitely a good idea. Myself and new Silly Season collaborator Adam were discussing a similar thing. He's a Liverpool fan, and trying to convince him to do a reverse SS. If both are actually set up, it'd be really interesting to see the different things that happened to each blog/person.
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In response to: The Italian job

I'm glad you chose a team that people thought had no chance of getting out of the group stages.

I pretty disappointed that this season is drawing to a close. How about a "Not-so-silly Season" next year?

The Silly Season:

Maybe, maybe... It'll bit a bloody stupid season if Norwich go down - they haven't signed any players yet!
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davedan [Visitor]
It's funny, my girlfriend got Romania in her work sweepstake and just got a work placment for ten weeks in Romania so we've become kind of Romanian fans and I've started to latch on to the underdog spirit of it all. Ok, so that isn't that funny. But regarding the P.s part, I was actually saying yesterday that I have never ever met a Romanian in London. Actully I have never me a Romanian full stop. Where are they all?

The Silly Season:

Yeah neither have I come to think of it. In London or anywhere. Bit of a rubbish choice in terms of meeting Romanian fans.

I hear there's a flour mill in Bedford that employees many Romanians now living in the UK, but I guess that'd be a bit weird just turning up at a flour mill.

What a coincidence that your girlfriend got them in the sweepstake and then a placement.

Go Romania!
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In response to: The Italian job

friday13 [Visitor]
finally, some Romanian feedback (from Canada, however :))... by the way, I watched Romania's game in an Irish pub, with two Italy fans and a canadian group (with mixed preferences) close to me. There was also another important goup of montréalais (a half dozen white men and two black girls) who made a real support galery for Romania, in the face of a great TV screen... maybe they just sympathised with the underdogs :)

I hope you're still alive even after the second great match of this fatidic day... I knew France has problems with its atack, but I thought they have a strong defence and wouldn't have expected them to suffer such a humiliation in their match against Holland. And all this with Henry present.

About Romania's game, I can only say the result is almost correct - minus the lateral referee's unintentional (I hope) fault when Toni wasn't in offside; I think he was tricked seeing in fact the other italian who was indeed behind the last romanian defender). Romania didn't play as it should have (at maximum speed, undettered, pressing and fighting desperately for each ball like Italy (which is understandable, Donadoni's expectations are much greater than Piturca's - not to say about the fact that Romania's only official victory against Italy happened 25 years ago). The penalty for the fault against Niculae was clearly deserved, but if the referee wouldn't have granted it, as a compensation for the "offside" goal of Toni, no one would have appreciated his act of justice. But eventually Divine Providence took care and justice was done by Mutu's missed penalty. And I think it's better so for Chivu, Mutu, Contra, Codrea, Stefan, who are playing in Italy ... as for the future romanian players who will improve their skills in Il Calcio - you remarqued their embraces with Buffon and their other italian friends after the end of the game :)

The Silly Season:

Yeah, I think those Romanian players based in Italy will indeed have a easier life thanks to Mutu's missed pen. Gutting though. Absolutely gutting...
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In response to: Yellow army

Mark [Visitor]
My adapted country of France played worse than England! I may have Holland as a back up if France cock it up. And how on earth did Abidal get in the team ahead of Evra??? It also seems the France-Romania curse extends to pro evo, I struggled to score past a virtual Romania, although not through lack of effort. Hit the bloody woodwork 3 times before I finally scored in extra time!

The Silly Season: Ha ha! See, even computer programmers think Romania are a tough nut to crack.

Yeah, I'd say there's nithing wrong with having a back-up. I'm tempeted by Portugal, but may stay on the side of the underdogs.
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In response to: Yellow army

davedan [Visitor]
This has nothing to do with Euro 2008 or anything lse on that note. But I just saw this and I thought of your blog. Football really has changed...

The Silly Season:

Great, great days. Sigh…
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In response to: Yellow army

Adam Buss [Visitor] ·
Get in!!!!!

Great start, rated by Hansen as the worst game he has ever seen. O'Neill and Shearer look ready to kill Domenech and his charges for their lack of invention, but lets be honest Romania controlled the game.

Chivu, Goian, Tamas and Niculae were genius and we even took the p**s by bringing on an Inverness Cally Thistle striker.


Buna galben!
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In response to: The Silly Conclusions: homeward bound

Chris Burton [Visitor]
'Marketing twats rely fans like us to make many from a brand we don’t dare snub.'

A good line, and one some of your haters might bare thinking on next time they call you an anyway see you next tuesday.

The Silly Season:

It took me ages to get the "anyway see you next Tuesday" thing! Very nice.

Yeah, the marketing twats have helped ruin it for me…
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In response to: Romania: the Brazil of the Balkans

Well, I got Croatia in the sweepstake.

I already said I loved Kranjcar, didn't I? Looks like I've combined looks and a betting system. Nice!

The Silly Season:

And why not. Maybe it was meant to be. You and Kranjcar, and European Championship.
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In response to: Defection is infectious…

davedan [Visitor]
Surely you should pick one of the four favourites and start this experiment all over again? Lets face it, England have as much chance of winning anything than Norwhich have (if not less), so why not sell your national pride and see what it's like to really be proud of your (adopted) country for once and also not have to watch your (adopted) countries sunburned sweaty naked drunk ugly fellow fans riot if you lose in the quarter finals or however far we usually flop out of?

The Silly Season: Well, I'm kind of sick of supporting a team that's supposed to win and doesn't after the Silly Season.

At the moment I'm leaning towards supporting the underdog again (as I have all my life). As you say though, I'm just looking forward to supporting a country that have sunburned drunks.
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In response to: The Silly Season: Euro 2008 Special!

davedan [Visitor]
I grew up believing that ALL Germans used to be evil and are now frickin weird and our rivals thanks to our ever so slightly xenophobic television broadcasting. Then I got myself a German girlfriend and went to Germany and discovered that it's an amazing place and the majority of Germans are peaceful these days and if anything a little bit quirky and healthily competative so they've got my vote. And anywhere you can get an ice cream a sausage and a bucket of beer on every street corner is alright with me.

Got to find a good place in London to watch them though..

The Silly Season: Massively good point. Germany and England have a lot in common, and would probably have a better relationship if it wasn't for The Sun, and, well, some English people!

An ice cream, a sausage and a bucket of beer on every street corner: now that's a counthry that wants to have fun.

I went to Mainz once and saw Mainz 05 beat Hamburg (a giant killing!) in the cup - it was bloody brilliant.
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In response to: Defection is infectious…

You posed the best-looking question in your reply to my last comment... it's a tough one, I have to admit. With France, you've got Thierry. With Sweden, you've got Freddie (actually the only West Ham player with any hope of playing in the tournament) - so I should support him, right? Well he has a cracked rib, so he might not even play. I do have a bit of a thing for Nico Kranjcar... Apparently, too, West Ham fielded the most English players this season of any Premiership club. I'm pretty happy about that - and that's why I don't even have any player allegiances!

Anyway, you really don't want to hear about my player favourites.

In the end it's down to competition, because our season-ticket bunch are putting some bets down - only a £5 each, mind. We don't care that much.

Have you decided who you'll support?

At least your "defection" was an experiment, of sorts, and not just a job.

The Silly Season: Hmm, I'm nearly there in the choosing front - just waiting for that moment of inspiration to hit me.

Isn't it worse if I've just done it for an experiment instead of making a living?

I'd say Henry's the best-looking. I'm a modern man - I can say that without feeling embarrassed… I think
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In response to: The Silly Season: Euro 2008 Special!

Mark [Visitor]
Yes I still doss around on the silly season!Me and my flatmates already decided long ago to support the national teams we use in pro evo 2008 so I'm supporting France with the other two supporting Holland and the Czech Republic. I suppose supporting England is like supporting Norwich, both will never win anything but at least Norwich don't get payed ridiculous amounts of money for not winning.

The Silly Season: Well, if Roeder releases any more players without signing replacements they'll be no one left to pay anyway.

Loving the Pro Evo influence… I'm getting the feeling fans are feeling some new kind of freedom not having the England in Euro 2008.
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In response to: The Silly Season: Euro 2008 Special!

shelfsidestew [Visitor]
Already adopted my country, Croatia, due to Luka Modric. Can't wait

The Silly Season: Good choice… solid. Very deserving a final appearance as well I reckon.

This is great - not being shackled to following a half-arsed England… I'm spoilt for choice, but Croatia's definitely a possibility.
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In response to: The Silly Season: Euro 2008 Special!

The thing is, I have never really liked international football. I get so caught up in the emotion of it, and I watch everything, but I hate the way it's played. Slow, too defensive a lot of the time. Perhaps it will be alright this year without the emotion? Or perhaps I won't be able to stand it? I think I'm going for France, but because I'm a girl I'm going to give into the female-supporter stereotype and support the good-looking players. And why shouldn't I, when I have no allegiances?

I'm actually rather looking forward to seeing Hull at Upton Park next season.

The Silly Season: I think that is a brilliant way to choose your country for Euro 2008. I didn't think of that one.

Would it be France? Or are Sweden the best-looking? Italy? I was trying to think of which country would be ugly, but I think that might be a bit xenophobic or something, so I'll stop there.

What I will say though is: I don't suppose there's any danger of Hull being the best looking team when they turn out at Upton Park next season.
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In response to: The Silly Conclusions: Emirates new clothes

Jim [Visitor]
I found your blog about halfway into the season and have been enjoying it ever since. As an American, I started supporting Arsenal two years ago at an Irish pub in Prague simply because my English wife despised them. One of the reasons I enjoyed reading the blog so much is that you were, in fact, experiencing the same flux of emotions as myself. The team gets under your skin and worms its way into your heart. Thank you so much for a job well done.

The Silly Season: Jim, massive thanks for your kind words.

I think the way you chose your team was absolutely superb. Who'd have thought America, the Czech Republic, Ireland and your lady wife would have come together to give your footballing eureka moment. Truly bizarre.

Arsenal certainly got under my skin, but I'm finding it very hard to resist the club currently still in, er, my heart. As it were.
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In response to: League

davedan [Visitor]
Yeah I totally agree. I'm a founding member of AFC Liverpool. They will start their inaugural season this year and I look forward to going to games where weeds grow out of cracks in the stands. I don't look forward to Liverpool leaving Anfield. I think of 'bowl' stadiums and I think of franchise. I really don't know where it will all end. It's a blooming shame.

The Silly Season: Ah yes, I heard something about AFC Liverpool on the radio the other day. It sounds like a brilliant idea.

Let's start a whole league of 'AFC' clubs, I say.
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In response to: League

davedan [Visitor]
I typed in ecstatic on google image search because I needed a picture of someone ecstatic and I was directed to a picture of Cashley Cole linked into your blog.

Anyhooo, basically, just stumbled upon your blog and read the whole thing in one. Interesting read I must say. I'm a Liverpool fan who used to go to a lot of games up until the mid nineties. I'm only 26 but I miss the old grounds and football I grew up with in the 80's/90's. This 'business' is just so deflating these days. I live in Finsbury Park now and find it easy to be offered tickets to Arsenals games a few times a season so I go now and again purely to watch a good football game. My mates pay up to a grand for a season ticket which is extortionately inflated compared to 98% of the other 88 teams you talk about. I went to a lot of 'pre-premier' grounds as a kid and although the Emirates is certainly impressive, it doesn't compare in the slightest. Have you tried the hotdogs for one?

Anyway, I think you should go back to Norwich next season. You talk about them too lovingly to be wasting your time financing Emirates planes or whatever they are anymore.

The Silly Season: Hello Davedan…

Massive thanks for reading the whole thing. A great honour.

Yeah, 'deflating' is a pretty good way to describe it. All of the magic and excitement has been sucked out of the game for me because of high prices and all the other 'market forces'. But the most shocking thing is the competition, or lack of it. Is no one else dismayed that this has happened?

I don't mind if Norwich City spends the rest of it's existence in Championship mid-table, or worse. I don't mind if Norwich only ever reaches midtable Premier League. What I DO mind is knowing it'll never get better than that. Having the hope taken away is painful.

Still, at least we don't have to pay £1,000 a season to watch our team play. The alternative for them? Create your own football club, like AFC Arsenal or something. Not much of a choice is it.

Plus, I want old grounds back too... I used to think Pride Park was the future. Now I want to save all the old grounds before it's too late.

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In response to: Arsenal… you've changed

Richard [Visitor]
But which Big Four club WILL win anything this season. It might only be one of them, and it's late in the season. Whatever the right team was for you to pick is still to be decided. If that makes any sense.

The Silly Season: Ha. Man United or Chelsea would NEVER be the right team in reality.
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