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The Big Four reply! Man Utd are arrogant (shock), but human after all


Drumroll please… The Big Four have spoken (sort of) in response to me asking which one wanted me as a fan the most. Here’s a reminder of the email I sent to a couple of days ago:

“Dear [club],
I have decided to support one of the top four teams in the Premier League, but I’m not sure which one. Can you help me decide?
I would be very grateful if you could get back to me with a few details to convince me that YOU are the club I want to spend the rest of my life supporting.
I very much look forward to being a fan.
Best regards”

So, least bothered first…


“Thank you for your email. For all Club information and news please visit the website at
Arsenal Football Club”


“…” [aka shrugged shoulders]


With regards to your email all details of our club can be found on
Kind regards”

Not going well so far, but Chelsea’s website did offer a list of anecdotes where people could explain how they became fans. The one I chose was perhaps quite telling… Maybe I’m not the only one playing the choosing without prejudice game:

“All my mates were either Liverpool or United, so I HAD to be something different. Chelsea would do, as Townsend was there, and it was either them or Man City (thank the Lord I made the right choice!). As I started to follow the Blues with a growing interest of not just the team but the game, I was roundly villified by my peers. “Why the fuck Chelsea?", they’d cry. “They’re shite, they’ve no good players.”
At that time, maybe not - Townsend and Wise (in my eyes) excepted. But had they just been a shite journeyman side, I would have found another mast to nail my colours to (ah, the luxury of choice).”

Thanks to some bloke called Alan for that…

And finally, the best reply of the lot…

Man Utd:

“Do we really need to convince you?

Ticketing & Membership Services
24 Hour Ticket & Match Information Line - 0870 442 1968
Ticket Line - 0870 442 1999
Enquiries - 0870 442 1994”

My reply: “Huh? Er, yes.”

Man Utd:
“We have no need to convince you. If you look at our history, the year of the treble, all the trophies we have won and our huge success over any other club in the premiership and more so in European games, we are the most successful club in the world, let alone the Premiership.
Our aim is not to win over supporters, you support a club for a genuine reason, not because you decide they have more to offer - its call passion and its not handed to you.
You only need to look at our history to see how great this club is… Plus we have the best support in the world and play some of the best attacking football.

My Reply: “Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right, choosing the football club you support does come from passion. But, as a neutral I’m passionate about football as a whole. Now, I want to back one of the great Top Four teams in the Premier League - it’s kind of a clean slate for me. Following any one of these clubs will probably bring about great excitement throughout any coming season. Utd have the best record and, as last season proved, played the best football, but what of the others? Chelsea are perhaps the most ruthless and competitive, Arsenal play the most beautiful football, while Liverpool’s tactical approach makes them one of the best teams in Europe. All four clubs have their strengths, I was just interested in what each club’s views were on why they are the best to support, above the other three.”

Man Utd:


Riiiiight. There you go people. A very official reply from the very official To be honest, to get an impassioned human reaction was actually very refreshing, compared to the automated voice response I got from the others. But perhaps most telling is that, whoever was on the other side of the line, as it were, found it impossible to contemplate that someone would be in a position just to be choosing one of The Big Four without any preference (or passion).

In fact, being bollocked by a Man Utd employee is making me think this was a very bad idea. What I am doing? He’s right… “It’s called passion and it’s not handed to you,” he says. I know! I know! I followed my passion; I followed my instinct, and look where it got me… I just want to know what it’s like to genuinely challenge for football’s top honours, but the monopolisation of The Big Four has killed my dream! This is your fault, Alan Sugar, Richard Scudamore, Martin Edwards, Roman Ambramovich, Peter Kenyon, Jimmy Hill, capitalism, Americanisation…

Sorry… In the next post, I’ll reveal my team. I need to hurry up after all, the season’s started. I held back from choosing before the start in case one of the four were particularly shit. Surprisingly it appears to be Man Utd, so far, but that’s not going to last is it… Is it?

I’m also going to put up videos of people’s reaction to my switch, and the reasons why they supported their clubs etc…
Here’s why Ali Berk Osalan decided to supported Besiktas…

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