There's only four teams involved in football's top honours these days, so what's it like to win silverware every season? This is the blog of one football fan who decided to, fully and unconditionally, do the unthinkable and change the football team he supported to spend one season at the top... AND NOW HE'S DOING A SIMILAR THING FOR EURO 2008 WITH A MATE BECAUSE THE SEASON'S FINISHED AND THEY'RE BOTH BORED

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I bet you'd look good on the match floor


Oh, I am on a role now.

I had a punt on Arsenal to win 3-1… £3 at 9/1. £30! This is well easy…

That’ll pay for the next match ticket.

Shit, why didn’t I put £1000 on? It’s always in hindsight…

This team are unstoppable at the moment. It’s a bit embarrassing in a way - I’ve never supported team that hasn’t lost for so long. Not many have I don’t suppose. When I think about the game itself, I know I enjoyed it, but is it making me love the club?

Maybe not yet… But I have got the same feeling I had as a kid in 1988/89 when Robert Fleck’s Norwich were top. It makes you dream.

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After being called a “tozzer” by Norfolk premier sports paper The Pink ‘Un I emailed The Man In The Stands column to explain what I was doing to see if I could garner some understanding.

I sent his email:

Hello Man In The Stands, hope you’re well.
I’m the “tozzer on Five Live” who you mentioned in column a few days ago.

Just wanted to say:
I made a vow to spend just THIS SEASON supporting one of The Big Four clubs in the Premier League for a protest…

English football’s biggest clubs have decided, through their monopolisation of the game, that none of the other 88 clubs in the football league will ever win anything ever again. Ever.

So, if football has sold its soul, why shouldn’t I? If I want to ever taste victory in my lifetime, there is no other way than to give up the team I’ve supported for 25 years. I’m trying to make that point. I’m not turning my back on City. I love the club.

Here’s what The Man said:

Thank you for your email.

To abandon your club in its hour of need is treason.

I don’t care if it’s ‘only’ for one season, that’s a bit like telling your wife you are ‘only’ going to sleep with other women for a year, “as an experiment".

I would ask you to re-join our relegation fight, but we are probably better off without you.


I guess the moral of the story is: you can try to decode the nature of ultra-support, and wind up a few people from your former football club along the way. But… If you do it to a club that’s bottom of the league, they’ll turn their back on you forever.

‘OTBC’ stands for ‘On The Ball City’, which is Norwich City’s famous terrace song. I sang it to myself after reading that. It was a dark moment… Most of my proudest moments in football came while bellowing that song out on the terraces. I feel very sad indeed today.

Still, Arsenal are playing tonight…

Score prediction: Reading 1-3 Arsenal

Might have a punt on that…

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