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Wigan worrier


Don’t get me wrong, it was a good game, Arsenal won, and I was really excited to be a part of it. It’s my attitude that’s the problem at the moment.

This is why I’m finding it so hard to adjust…

First off, because Arsenal are so successful, I feel like they don’t need my help - or that they don’t really want it anyway. I feel rejected. I know that’s me being insecure, so I’ll try to fight that.

But the other revealing thing was the empathy I felt for Wigan right at the start of the match. For 25 years I’ve been going to clubs like Villa, United, Man City, Liverpool etc, relishing the fact that I’m representing the clear underdog. I used to love singing my head off as part of the minority, and sticking it to the lazy, apathetic home support. You truly are a soldier when you support your team away from home. Anyway, that feeling soon faded when it became obvious that ‘foul robot’ Michael Brown had been programmed to ‘Early Doors Reducer’ for this game, and every time they got hold of the ball it was ballooned out for a throw. If they’d used their heads at all they could have been at least a goal up by half-time, such was Arsenal’s profligacy.

So I enjoyed it, but I haven’t mentally prepared myself for supporting Arsenal well enough. The Faaaamily [the lads who invited me to their pre- and post-match ritual and who help me with tickets] assured me that it will take only weeks, and that Saturday’s performance was nothing to go buy. “International burn-out", they called it - it’s not something I’ve ever seen before to be honest, being the fan of a club who only ever had a coupled of Wales squad members at a time.

Talking of which, Norwich won 2-0 at home as well on Saturday [silently punches the air]. They beat Coventry, which is my boss’ team. Normally I’d be allowed bragging rights at work, but he says it’s void because I’m an Arsenal fan now. Fair point, unntil I discovered HE was at the Arsenal match at the weekend as well. DID YOU HEAR THAT COVENTRY FANS?

Here’s Marc’s moral stance on The Silly Season when he’s not watching Arsenal (this is a different video to the one of Marc I showed a week or two ago)…



Tonight’s match prediction: Hmm, I’ve been thinking about this one too much. Sevilla 1-0 Arsenal.

Although I’ve wimped out and bet £1 on 1-0 and a £1 on 0-0.

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