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Winners and losers


I’m sure no one else has noticed, but Norwich and Arsenal have been synchronising scorelines of late… City won 3-1 last night at Blackpool (Yes, come on! First away win of the season - Roeder’s a genius). Sorry…

Arsenal lost at Sevilla, which I was right about them losing, if not the actual score. In fact, last night was the first time I might have felt something for the team and, interestingly, it came in defeat…

What pissed me off was the manor in which Sevilla killed the game off. I think they deserved the win, but they pretty much elbowed their way to full time. I was furious when Walcott received a sly smack in the mouth in the last minute. But here lies part of the problem perhaps. Last night I only became passionate about the match when it was obvious Arsenal were going to lose – I felt like the underdog. Only then did I want to fight for Arsenal. Is winning a taboo for me? Does it feel wrong to have it easy?

Another pleasing thing about last night was that it means there’s something riding on the Steaua Bucharest game in a couple of weeks - my next match. Arsenal have to win to top their Champions League group.

So, my biggest problem at the moment appears to be the big difference in mentality between the supporter of a small club and a highly successful big one. I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

In fact, my investigations started last Saturday after the Wigan match. And this is what one of The Family (the Arsenal fans) said in relation to supporting such a gigantic club: “If I had a choice between the Arsenal now and the Arsenal of a less dominant time, I’d choose the older Arsenal.” Interesting stuff…

Anyway, I’ll get it all written up for Friday. Meanwhile, here’s picture of me wearing an Arsenal shirt in public for the first time… Just after I’ve told the whole pub that the only size that fitted me was for 11 to 12-year-olds.

Their reaction? What do you think…

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