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Arsenal fans: "Seriously, don’t wear colours"


In the words of John Motson: this is getting better and better and better.

Spurs in the League Cup semi-final… AC Milan in the European Cup… The Family are ecstatic. To be honest I think they’d be happy if they played Spurs every week.

They’ve all been going on about tomorrow’s match for weeks, so here’s a few things they said in the pub as part of The Silly Season’s crash-course in the north London derby.

“There’s no getting away from the fact that they are to a man, in-bred, knuckle dragging, malnourished, ugly scumbags.”

“Never wear colours to a league game, although for the cup I usually do. Don’t know why, but the rules are the rules.”

“Up until fairly recently it wasn’t unusual for someone to watch Arsenal at home one week, and then watch Spurs the next.”

“Things notched up in the ’70s and ’80s when football violence was at its peak, but you can read reports of people carrying knives and getting stabbed from the 1930s.”

Surely that’s not true… People didn’t disagree about stuff in the ’30s - they just shook hands really quickly. Did they even have knives? Anyway, the best and, frankly, most frightening pearl of wisdom was saved until last:

“Seriously, if you are travelling on your own, I suggest you don’t wear colours. Take it easy, and just be aware of who is around you.”

Riiiight. Well if I do make it to the stadium I’m looking forward to seeing Fabregas play for the first time - I want him to be my favourite player. Also Diaby after that goal at Blackburn.

Score prediction? Lot’s of injuries and suspensions for Spurs’ defence so: Arsenal 5-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Quite simply, this is The One for the Arsenal fans. I hope it is for me.


The Silly Season would like to apologise to fans of Tottenham Hotspur for - on December 19 - implying that striker Robert Keane does a stupid celebration. I had it pointed out to me by Hobbsy at work that he “doesn’t do it any more because he thinks he might hurt himself". What a twat. Not Hobbsy…

Here’s the celebration in all it’s glory. Would you believe that, as if it isn’t bad enough done by Keane himself, Spurs fans then go on holiday and impersonate the bloody thing…



Also saw this on the BBC sport website today (Friday):

The first legs of the first Uefa Cup kockout stage will be played on 13 & 14 February

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