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New Year's Day massacre


OK, I’ve had a walk now.

Basically I was asked on to Five Live as a studio guest on New Year’s Day to talk about the blog because they said they were interested in my idea, and they wanted me to come on to explain myself.

A great honour… even if it did mean getting out of bed at 7am on New Year’s Day. Anyway, I was fairly relaxed about it. I’ve done radio a couple of times now - this’ll be OK.

Or maybe not…

What actually happened was that I walked in there like the innocent footie fan I am, just trying to do an honest season’s work swapping football clubs, when a presenter and two comedians took me to task as if it was them I was two-timing.

Now, I know full well that to do something like a blog like this is going to attract nothing but criticism. I don’t have a problem with getting cutting emails and comments from fans - that’s to be expected (Spurs and Norwich especially). But, like the interviews I’ve done before this, I was expecting to be given space to explain The Silly Season’s ludicrous premise.

I wasn’t - at least not enough space. They laid into me, rubbishing The Silly Season and throwing in a few snide comments to finish me off.

You know what? I’d be glad if the attack was caused by the notion of swapping your football club, but I suspect there were more mundane agendas of self-promotion at work… After all I wasn’t there to sell anything or promote a global corporate firm - just to talk about why the current state of English football can drive a fan to the ultimate compromise.

I’ll try to get the audio tomorrow and put it up on the blog so you can judge for yourselves.

These were some of the messages I was getting as I left the studio…

Oh well, The Silly Season’s a lover not a fighter… It might have been a slap in the face, but Five Live’s a great sports station that I’ve listened to passionately for 15 years and I’ve already had a great interview on there earlier in the season (on Aasmah Mir’s Midday News).

So, half way through this experiment it’s all getting a bit personal.

Deep breaths… it’s all just pantomime, right?

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