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It's a kid's world


When I said Arsenal annoyed me yesterday, I think that was a bit harsh - I was annoying myself at the Blackburn match.

In recent days, I’ve had a few moments recently of remembering what it was like to support a team when I was a kid…

I mean those special pangs of excitement you get when you’re young and feel like anything’s possible - not disaffected by life, etc.

Kind of hard to describe I guess, but you don’t get those feelings so much as an adult. It’s the kind of inspiration and excitement that binds you to a club from such a young age, and that’s what I’m having so much trouble fighting against when trying to support a club I haven’t previously loved as an adult.

A young fan yesterday

And that’s what the Premier League and Football League trade off - a unique, very British, undying support for a football club.

Of course we’d follow our clubs to America and Japan to watch league games… We’d follow our clubs off the edge of a cliff if it came to it. But there’s no respect for that by the powers who run the game - they just want to make as much money as possible and trade off that undying love.

That’s why this weekend’s game against Man Utd is as crucial for The Silly Season as it it for Arsenal. This could take me out of my pergatory and my give me that special feeling football used to give me.

The anticipation; the match fever; the drama.

I’m not saying winning at Old Trafford will make me love Arsenal and forget about Norwich. Just: is it going to be special?

I hope so… Not least because: Ticket + Train = £103


And when I said “people around me were annoying me” yesterday I didn’t mean the Arsenal fans I go to the pub with, and who help me buy tickets (aka The Family). Just wanted to clear that up before I get a slap…

The main Family pub talking point on Monday night was the United cup match obviously, but also how amazing it was to watch United play a match in a traditional old-style shirts (to honour those who died in Munich). The unanimous agreement was that all clubs should play in sponsorless, old-school shirts from now on.

The Silly Season

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