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Bang goes the Big Four theory


Yeah, so my “Big Four dominate everything theory” ain’t looking too strong at the moment.

I’m not worried about the league… We’re in safe hands there (apart from Liverpool), but this season’s FA Cup has succeeded in making a mockery of The Silly Season.

The season I decided to make the point that no team gets a look-in in any competition in English football, Spurs win the League Cup and three Championship clubs make it to the FA Cup semis. Typical.

Fine by me though… It’s been absolutely thrilling to watch United and Chelsea get knocked out.

So, is this the end for The Silly Season? and its ludicrous theories?

No way… I’ve come this far. I’ve wound up that many Norwich fans that I can’t set foot in the city again, and had people shout in my face on national radio. I think I’d quite like to bag myself a European Cup out of this.


Well done to Arsenal for expertly leaving the League to the last minute again. you see, I’ve got it now - Big Four clubs like to keep their fans interested by leaving the league campaign unsolved until the last possible moment, so you get the most out of extortionate ticket prices.

It’s all a plan to go to Sunderland on the last day of the season and lift the Premier League Trophy in front of Roy Keane. They’re going to fly Viera in especially for it.

Well, how else do you explain beating AC Milan on Tuesday, followed by a 0-0 against Wigan?

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