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Arsenal… you've changed


The Silly Conclusion Part 1

So let’s see…

Did I make the right choice by supporting Arsenal at the start of the season?

Er, no - not if I was looking for glory and silverware. Which I was.

But there’s more to it than that – the question was: what is it like to support a Big Four club? Is it different for these fans? Knowing you are going to win one of football’s top honours in the very near future.

I thought Arsenal were the right choice because they were overdue a victory in at least one competition this season after a three-year (I think) drought. And for a good while I was proved right. I guess it goes to show that there is some unpredictability in English football these days. It’s just what exactly Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool are going to win. Yeah, thrilling I know…

It’s plain for all to see how skilled Arsenal are as a team, but they just didn’t have the stamina or, well, brute Englishness to see it through.

The Club
As a Norwich fan I have always had a soft spot for Arsenal since they won both the League and FA Cups in 1993, thus propelling Norwich (who’d finished third – yes, THIRD IN THE PREMIERSHIP. You know IN THE TOP FOUR) into the UEFA Cup. The rest, of course, is history…

You don’t remember? Surely you do… Norwich beat a Bayern Munich team of with Lothar Mattheus and Jan Wouters, and were narrowly robbed by Bergkamp’s Inter Milan in the third round.

Here’s proof. The best bit has got to be when John Motson says: “This is fantasy football“, in that Alan Partridge way that he does.

What a feeling. What a feeling.

Anyway, I’m talking about a different Arsenal. The Arsenal of Ian Wright, Tony Adams, interesting Adidas kits and, of course, Highbury.

That was the Arsenal I admired from afar - not this one…

I think Arsenal have changed - because everything’s changed. I know I sound like a moaning old git, but there was a time when a fan outside the Big Four was allowed to believe, and to hope. It’s not easy having that taken away from you.


Find out more from The Silly Season Conclusion series later this week, when my boss isn’t wandering what the hell I’m doing.


Score prediction: Sunderland 1-1 Arsenal

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