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Injury time

Injury time



The Silly Season hasn’t had that feeling of dread since David Busst’s ‘horror break’ at Old Trafford in 1996.

Will Eduardo ever play footie again? Let alone for Arsenal.

They reckon he could return by Christmas, but Gonch of The Family said, according to Norwegian paper Dagbladet, the doctors were ashen faced because his foot was literally hanging off his leg. It was completely seperated and if it wasn’t for the quick medical treatment, there would have been a risk of amputation.

Let’s hope he recovers fully.


This past week has put things into a rather strange perspective for me.

I’m beginning to realise what happens when you mess with football’s karma balance. When you switch clubs and support teams in a fabricated way.

In the past eight days Arsenal have lost 4-0 to United in the cup, failed to score against Milan, had their Premiership lead cut by United… and Spurs have won a trophy.

Now we’re out of strikers. Robin Van Persie’s only two weeks away from fitness, so they say. But that’s been the case since October 2007.

This leaves Adebayor and Bendtner… who hate each other (possibly).

And, to add insult to absolutely horrific injury, has fate has played a part? It turns out that Martin Taylor had just returned to the Birmingham team after a couple months on loan at… you guessed it – Norwich City.

I’m not trying to make light of an awful injury, and Taylor did not mean to hurt Eduardo… it’s just a bizarre coincidence that’s all.


Obviously there are loads of videos of the injury on YouTube, but The Silly Season thinks it might be best to remember why Eduardo will be such a loss.

Patience and technique…


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Comment from: Richard [Visitor] Email
I initially thought there is a good chance for Eduardo to recover because of the break being pretty low down on the leg. But maybe this obscure Norwegian newspaper has inside reporters, and knows more than I do. Either that, or they put together grim replays and shocked doctors, and came to their own conclusions...

It's strange how so many people have this fascination with the injury: it highlights the precariousness of a footballer's career and maybe the wider precariousness of being human. Or, more tangibly, the precariousness of Arsenal's lead. I myself was in a mild state of shock after the game, feeling that Arsenal had blown an excellent result in the circumstances. At least the team can put the result down to a crazy day, treat it as a freak, and move on.
All of which makes Villa nexrt week a very important game. The season might hinge on it and the Milan game after...

The Silly Season:
I guess even doctors can't be sure for now. It must be the one thing that all footballers are really scared of. If he can't play again - that's it. No money, no trophies, no high-life. I don't know what percentage of footballers have to retire early through injury, but they're rarely as bad as Eduardo's case…

Yeah, I was shocked by that match. I know captains shouldn't behave like Gallas did, but there was something heroic about him 'losing it'. In a strange way I respect him for that.

I can't wait to see how they react at the Villa match.

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Comment from: Raz [Visitor] Email ·
Thank you for not putting up the video that makes me feel sick. I do feel sorry for Taylor, in part, and was really pleased to see the banners put up by the Birmingham fans yesterday. The Villa chants were meant to be really distasteful though. Hear them?

Well anyway I suppose it does make you think about the fragility of a player's career. For me I also think about the closeness of the players, and I almost admire the fact that they were so shocked and visibly upset by it. I would be a bit disappointing if they went off to sip their Lucozade as normal.

Even Tottenham fans were wishing him well, and that's saying something.

The Silly Season:
No, I'll have to look into what the Villa fans were singing... The Family will know...

Yeah, possibly losing your career is something even most footballers empathise with. It'll be really interesting to see if that emotion raises Arsenal's game or effects it.
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