There's only four teams involved in football's top honours these days, so what's it like to win silverware every season? This is the blog of one football fan who decided to, fully and unconditionally, do the unthinkable and change the football team he supported to spend one season at the top... AND NOW HE'S DOING A SIMILAR THING FOR EURO 2008 WITH A MATE BECAUSE THE SEASON'S FINISHED AND THEY'RE BOTH BORED

Getting shirty

Getting shirty


Good to see Norwich won last night - that’s 9 points out of 12 now. Looks like they’re going to be safe thankfully - I was being blamed by a number of Norwich fans for the team hitting bottom of the table. Seriously… like it was my fault because I ‘left’ for a season.

One of those fans is Gary - my mate who I used to watch Norwich with before I took on this crazy experiment. To be honest I thought he’d forgiven me for this, and we’d even been to the pub to watch the East Anglian derby together a couple of weeks back (yeah, yeah I broke the rules, I know).

Bizarrely, though, our friendship has taken another turn for the worse, after he read my comment a couple of days ago about how I “took seconds to get over the fact that Norwich had lost to a last-minute goal at Stoke". Seriously, he was furious. He sent me an email yesterday explaining his displeasure using his broad vocabulary of expletives. I emailed back asking to meet up in the pub so he could explain why he was more pissed off now than before while we watched the Arsenal Vs Newcastle match… No reply - I guess that wound him up even more.

I’ll offer to buy the drinks.. that’ll soften him up - then I’ll find out why he’s not talking to me.


In other news, I was admiring the Arsenal shirt I bought the other day.

I bought a retro one of course - I’m a bit of an moaning old git when it comes to new shirts, and how they’re tainted by advertising and gold lettering and stuff. Plus the price of shirts are a joke. Retro shirts aren’t cheap from The Armoury (Arsenal’s club sho… superstore), but when you’re a as small as I am, then you have to buy the shirt size for 11 to 12-year-olds. Just £20, which means I win… I’ve beaten The Man.

But then I thought, as if I haven’t been a hypocrite enough this season, that I’m ignorantly wearing a shirt from an Arsenal era I know nothing about. So, homework time…

It’s a replica of Arsenal’s 1971 double-winning shirt. Bob Wilson, Pat Rice, Charlie George, Blahry Blahreson…

Turns out that Charlie George goal - the one where he scores in the last minute and slides along the turf on his back (played every three seconds somewhere across the world) is the 1971 double-winning goal. It’s no Jeremy Goss in the Olympic Stadium, but it’s fairly dramatic… I’ll give them that.

The cat’s in the picture because he was in that mood cat’s have where he would jump on the shirt whenever I tried to move it and wouldn’t let go, so I had no choice but to picture him with it.

Nice shirt… great badge. I have shirt pride.

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