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OK, everybody’s got a stadiums Top Ten right?

Well, whatever… here’s mine. Let me know your favourites and I’ll put them in the Top Ten.

1 - The San Nicola

Where? Bari, Puglia, Italy
Capacity? 58,000
Why? Because it was designed by architect Renzo Piano and looks like a giant flying saucer. The steps all around the ground look like the landing ladder on a spaceship. Check out the pic… Don’t know who the bloke with the dog is, but it was the only picture that showed the steps thing.

2 - Ibrox Park

Where? Glasgow
Capacity? 40-odd
Why? Old, old stadium with all the industry-heavy girders still showing. Plus those wrap-around stairwells in the corner. What a looker.

3 - Stadio Dall’ara

Where? Bologna, Italy
Capacity? 38,000 +
Why? That fantastic-looking church-type structure in the middle of the stand. It’s only the useless athletics track keeping it off the top spot. In case you’d forgotten, it was the stadium where England conceded to San Marino after 11 seconds when trying, and failing, to qualify for World Cup ‘94.

4 - Carrow Road

Where? Norwich
Capacity? 25,200
Why? It’s Norwich’s stadium. It does look great now it’s built up in all the corners, but the jury’s still out on the hotel in the corner next to the Barclay stand. Bit bias with that one.

5 - The Emirates

Where? Finsbury Park, North London
Capacity? 60,000+
Why? Arsenal’s new stadium looks imperious from the top of the hill where I live, and the ‘wave effect’ of the stands are pretty unique. Feels a bit corporate though.

6 - Bordeaux

Where? Bordeaux, France
Capacity? 32,000+
Why? Lovely old number with sand arches circling the stadium. Good atmosphere. I went there to watch Argentina against Croatia in the ‘98 World Cup, so probably looking at this one through rose-tinted glasses, mind. It was 1-1, both teams a bit lazy to be honest.

7 - The Reebok Stadium

Where? Bolton, well… quite near Wigan actually
Capacity? About 30,000? Not sure
Why? Good design - a sign you don’t have to build an identikit St Mary’s or Madjeski. Great sweeping girders and floodlights.

8 - Allianz Arena

Where? Munich, Germany
Capacity? 66,000 +
Why? Come on… it’s made of glass and glows in the dark.

9 - Busan Main Stadium

Where? South Korea
Capacity? 56,000
Why? Who wouldn’t want to watch a match in a giant lampshade?

10 - Khalifa Stadium

Where? Qatar
Capacity? 50,000
Why? A more extreme version of Wembley